This fast-paced degree equips students with the necessary analytical, methodological, practical and research skills for financial risk management. The crucial technical skills covered include mathematics, statistics, econometrics and computing. Topics in financial regulation and governance round off the curriculum. The degree is technical in nature, with a strong focus on quantitative and computational aspects of risk management within the context of financial markets. Graduates will be equipped with the requisite quantitative and qualitative skills for careers in banking, insurance, asset management, financial consulting, regulation and trading. Applicants must have an Honours (or four-year equivalent) degree – from any discipline. While we strongly encourage students from a broad range of academic backgrounds to apply, admission to the programme is highly competitive. The majority of successful entrants have a high-class honours degree. Applicants must demonstrate motivation and a strong scholastic aptitude to be part of the programme. The minimum admission requirements are:

  • An Engineering degree from any sub-discipline OR
  • An NQF level 8 qualification (Honours or four-year equivalent degree) with at least half courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at the first-year level.

Although we cannot guarantee financial support, graduates of our degrees are in high demand, so there are numerous companies that offer bursaries and scholarships for South African AIFMRM students. Application for these takes place after acceptance, and are for South African citizens only.

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