This degree is aimed at students who want to pursue a career in investment or retail banking‚ insurance, asset management‚ risk management‚ or any area that requires a quantitative finance or financial engineering background.

The qualification combines training in advanced mathematical and computing skills with a sound understanding of financial markets and asset pricing theory.

Applicants must have an NQF level 8 qualification from one of the Faculties of Science‚ Commerce or Engineering. Since predominantly a mathematical degree, applicants have ideally have completed one year of Mathematical Statistics and at least two years of Pure Mathematics‚ with exposure to multivariate calculus‚ real analysis and linear algebra, as the minimum mathematical admission requirement.

Although AIFMRM cannot guarantee financial support for its students, the Institute’s graduates are in high demand, so there are numerous financial services companies who offer bursaries and scholarships exclusively for AIFMRM students. Application for these takes place after acceptance, and are for South African citizens only.

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