This demanding interdisciplinary degree is offered in collaboration with the departments of Statistical Sciences, Computer Science and Information Systems, but is administered and convened by the Department of Statistical Sciences and is initially conditional on formal admission by the Faculty of Science.

The programme combines core courses in data science, programming and machine learning with a solid understanding of financial markets, asset pricing and quantitative finance research.

Graduates will be well equipped for careers in highly technical areas of investment and retail banking, asset management and insurance, which include data analytics, digital solutions, algorithmic/electronic trading, and machine learning/AI applications in risk management and portfolio construction.

Applicants must have an Honours degree, with an average grade of at least 65%, that included a substantial research component; and at least:

  • a first-year statistics course; and
  • a first-year computing course.

Applicants may be required to pass Statistics (STA1000P) before being allowed to register.

Although we cannot guarantee financial support for our students, graduates of our degrees are in high demand, so there are numerous companies who offer bursaries and scholarships for AIFMRM students. Application for these takes place after acceptance, and are for South African citizens only.

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