The African Collaboration for Quantitative Finance and Risk Research (ACQuFRR) is AIFMRM’s research unit. ACQuFRR's mission is to advance the theory and application of modern quantitative, statistical and mathematical techniques to the modelling and risk management of financial products and markets. It is primarily interested in the application of these techniques to African and South African contexts. Whilst doing this, ACQuFRR undertakes to engender a culture of research excellence, provide research mentorship to AIFMRM’s staff and students, encourage entrepreneurial activity and develop research capacity.

ACQuFRR Annual Reports

ACQuFRR aims to:

  • Initiate a programme of collaborative, applied and comparative research in quantitative finance and risk management.
  • Develop international postgraduate links, the international exchange of teaching and research faculty and the development of international collaborative research projects.
  • Facilitate a community of quantitative finance and risk management professionals that shares ideas, collaborates on research projects, and enables each other’s activities.
  • Create a forum that will advance awareness of, and skills development in, quantitative finance and risk management.
  • Develop the capacity to produce solutions to commercially-proposed projects.

ACQuFRR's purpose is expressed through the following objectives:

  • ACQuFRR is industry and internationally orientated, with a focus on emerging issues and current developments in the field of quantitative finance.
  • ACQuFRR is locally supportive, with a view to developing expertise in African economies.
  • ACQuFRR has adopted a long-term and collaborative approach to its activities that fosters relationships with other academic institutions, particularly in Africa, and any member of the financial services industry interested and concerned with issues relating to quantitative finance or risk management.
  • ACQuFRR’s activities cover a range of issues incorporating asset price modelling, hedging, trading, financial risk management, and insurance mathematics.
  • ACQuFRR encourages multiple perspectives and insights are sought from different disciplines.